Pharma Strategy Workshops, War Games,
& Competitive Strategy Simulation Services

Pennside's pharma strategy workshops, war games, and competitive simulations are key to developing an effective pharma business strategyOur Strategy Workshops are Your Key to Deeper Competitor Insight and Smart Business Development Strategy

Often referred to as ‘competitive simulations’ or ‘war games’, our pharma strategy workshops are crucial in developing a truly effective business strategy.

Our approach goes far beyond normal facilitation activities. Due to our role in the pharmaceutical industry, we are uniquely positioned to provide original and meaningful insights into your competitors’ strategies. 

Can You Benefit From Our Strategy Workshop Services?

To determine if you may benefit from our pharma war games and competitive simulations, begin with a candid assessment of these indicators:

Your company can benefit from Pennside's pharma strategy workshops and pharma war games by improving planning & execution, building competitive intelligence, and learning how to better deal with pharmaceutical industry competitors
  • Has your company been blind-sided by a competitor’s strategy?
    • Do you have an abundance of competitor information, yet are unable to glean sufficient actionable intelligence from the data?
    • Do the executives in your company appear unable to make effective use of competitive intelligence?
    • Has your company developed a plan that won a short-term victory yet resulted in a longer-term defeat?
    • Are you facing an important marketplace event from a competitor’s product or your own product (such as a product entry, withdrawal, or patent expiration)?
    • Has there been a significant change to a competitor’s capabilities?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the above, then consider engaging us to help execute a business war game!  

Pharma War Game / Strategy Workshop Benefits:

    • Improves strategic, operational, and tactical planning and execution
    • Builds knowledge of how to deal more effectively and efficiently with pharma competitors, markets, and other uncontrollable factors
    • Significantly increases understanding of how to utilize competitive intelligence (CI) personnel to obtain ongoing competitive insight

Pennside's 3-Phase Pharma War Game Service

Pennside's 3-phase pharma strategy and war game service yields focused, on-point competitive intelligenceWe provide you with a complete pharma strategy workshop / war game service designed to yield valuable, on-point competitive intelligence. Our approach draws out the best from your group through a combination of careful pre-game planning, game execution, and post-game activities and documentation.

PHASE 1: Pre-Game Planning & Preparation

The pharma pre-war game planning phase is designed to help the sponsor fully understand and clarify the purpose, goals, and benefits of the gameThis phase is designed to help the sponsor fully understand and clarify the purpose, goals, and benefits of the game.

The scope is defined, including competitors, timelines, and geographical areas to target. Deliverables are identified, and the event is designed, including the agenda, templates, and groups who will engage in the exercise. All logistics are resolved, and then briefing packs, information source books, and other materials are prepared.

The briefing packs are designed to inform the delegates about the event and their role, and to get them into the proper mindset for the competitive strategy simulation exercise. The packs include 25-30 pages of helpful information including an overview, competitor profiles, and competitor SWOT analysis. 

The information source books serve as reference material for the strategy workshop, and include an exhaustive therapeutic analysis, plus competitor information organized by competitor.

PHASE 2: Game Execution

In the pharma war game execution phase we get the participants focused, keep them on-track, and ensure they stay motivated and involved, thereby ensuring maximum input and valuable contributionsIn this phase we get the participants focused, keep them on-track, and ensure they stay motivated and involved, thereby ensuring maximum input and valuable contributions. 

A clear overview is provided, icebreakers are performed to break down barriers to participation, and ground rules are established and monitored to keep the flow balanced so as to attain out-of-the-box ideas along with rigorous, thoughtful insight. Plenary sessions are also facilitated in this stage.

Execution exercises include break-out sessions during which the team develops a competitor SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) for both the competitors' companies and products, plus an analysis of competitors' product positioning statements and key messages. In addition, a "4 Corners Analysis" is performed to establish:

      • Competitor goals: an analysis of what drives the competitor
      • Account strategy: what the competitor is currently doing, and what the competitor is capable of doing
      • Competitor assumptions: an analysis of assumptions made by the competitor's management team
      • Competitor SWOT analysis

PHASE 3: Post-Game Activities & Documentation

In the pharma post-game phase we manage the production of all outputsIn the post-game phase we manage the production of all outputs, including providing a war game report to all delegates, and a summary report to senior executive.

In addition, the sponsor is debriefed, the success of the game is communicated to others, and steps are taken to ensure the delivery of actions identified in the exercise, thereby achieving maximum value for the time invested. 

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