Pharma Benchmarking Services:
Marketing, Sales, & Reimbursement Support

Commercial Research CI Deliverables: 
A High-Level View

Pharma Benchmarking Services Overview: Pennside's pharmaceutical commercial research competitive intelligence deliverables span 4 high level categories: commercial organizations, HCP effectiveness, sales priority/call position, and pending changes. Contact us to learn more.Our commercial research competitive intelligence deliverables include a thorough analysis spanning four key components:

  1. Sales and Marketing Organization
    Includes organizational chart depicting structure, including full time equivalent employees and resourcing by asset and activity. Can include MSLs, Reimbursement Support, Nurse Educators and other field positions.

  2. Sales Priority/Call Position
    Establishes the sales priority and/or call position per field force line or unit.
  3. HCP and HCP Office Effectiveness Feedback
    Feedback on the effectiveness of company in target market in terms of marketing, sales and reimbursement support activities.

  4. Pending Changes
    Includes feedback on any pending changes to company structure or resourcing.

Pharma Commercial Research Services:
Breaking it Down

Within the above framework, Pennside’s ongoing competitive surveillance service monitors the following areas along with additional key intelligence topics and questions developed jointly with you, our client:

Pharma Benchmarking Surveillance Services Overview: Pennside’s competitive surveillance service for the pharma and biotech industry monitors product messaging, sales priority/call position, sales & marketing structure, promotional activities, regulatory issues, investor messaging, event forecasting, and KOL feedback.

Product Messaging & Positioning
An analysis of competitor branded and/or non-branded current and potential counter-messaging vs. client

Sales Priority / Call Position
Analysis of sales priority and/or call position per field force line/unit

Sales & Marketing Structure
Development and analysis of competitor sales & marketing organizational structure for each company of interest, including full time equivalents

Promotional Activities
Analysis of key promotional activities surrounding key competitor’s products

Regulatory Issues & Event
Key regulatory issues and forecast of events

Investor “Messaging”
Identification & analysis of key messaging targeted directly toward investors

Key Event Forecasting
A forecast of key events projected to occur for all conditions

Qualitative Analysis / Key Opinion Leader Feedback
A qualitative analysis and KOL feedback on the effectiveness of marketing and sales activities in target market 

Analyzing Targeted Pharmaceutical Companies: 
Field Force, MSL, & HEOR Analysis

Pennside’s research focuses on three key distinct areas within each of the target companies:

Pennside's benchmarking services include an analysis of targeted pharma companies in terms of field force, MSL, and HEOR analysis.Field Force Analysis
Our field force analysis focuses on the targeted companies’ size, structure, and deployment strategy. It addresses issues such as pharma sales force types and headcounts, organizational structure, number of full time equivalents in field management and sales force, anticipated future changes, insights on call objectives and key tactics, motivational and compensation levels, and overall knowledge of the current and emerging competitive environment.

Medial Science Liaison Analysis
This analysis focuses on the targeted companies’ MSL size, structure and support capabilities. It includes development of organizational charts with full time equivalents, an analysis of product support priorities, interactions with field force and marketing, and overall resourcing levels.

Health Economics and Outcomes Research Analysis
Our HEOR analysis focuses on the targeted pharma companies’ programs, structure, and support systems.  It identifies the reporting relationships within each organization, the interactions with clinical development and marketing, and key field activities and resourcing.

Your Competitive Intelligence Advantage

Contact Pennside Partners to learn more about our benchmarking services for the pharmaceutical and biotech industryLet our team of seasoned pharmaceutical industry experts help you gain the most from your benchmarking study by providing key insights, identifying implications, and proposing a strategic approach for your management team complete with an action list and detailed recommendations. 

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