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Pharma Launch Planning Services

Optimize Your Launch Strategy with StrataLog

As a Pharmaceutical Line or Functional Planning Professional Have You Ever:

Consider the requirements for successful pharma or biotech launch planning and prelaunch planning. Our launch analog planning services and StrataLog methodology can help.Puzzled about how to unlock the potential of your drug launch?

Wondered why others have been so successful at adoption and LCM?

Wanted to test your marketing hypotheses vs. best-in-class?

Had doubts about the requisite budget & resources for (pre)launch?

Our StrataLog launch planning and marketing services are today’s trusted solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Utilizing best-practice methodologies, our high-impact programs are designed to:  

  • Benchmark competitors
  • Crystallize strategies
  • Define tactical options
  • Construct launch scenarios
  • Evolve contingency plans
  • Build team consensus
  • Deliver exceptional analysis, insights, and recommendations 

StrataLog - A Proven Launch Analog Strategy

Our proven, results-oriented analog strategy is broadly divided into three key activities comprising our standardized project approach for launch analogs:

#1) Define and plan project  

#2) Execute project 

#3) Transfer knowledge

Our pharma launch analog planning and pharma prelaunch planning services process has 3 key steps: define the launch analog project, execute the launch analog selection, and transfer the launch analog knowledge



Each of the three key activities is then further developed as shown below. Our systematic, logical approach helps achieve greater success while utilizing an efficient, time-and-cost-saving methodology: 

#1. Define & Plan Project

Define goals, scope, timeline, deliverables > Develop project methodology and workflow > Compile and introduce team

#2. Execute Project

Analog selection:  Make preliminary suggestions > Prioritize together with client > Final case selection & best practice analog(s) selection with client

Research:  Define components of investigation > Analyze, adapt and tailor best chosen analog(s) > Perform external field research for further insights and validation

Analysis, insights, synthesis:  Summarize key findings > Derive key learnings > Identify opportunities > Generate client specific recommendations / actions

#3. Transfer Knowledge

Formal presentation of results > Deliver full report – all documents supplied electronically > War game (optional) > Define further actions

StrataLog - Your Launch Planning Competitive Advantage 

We are experts in pharma analog launch planning and pharma prelaunch planning services
Pennside’s analog strategy service is used extensively
by corporate and line managers, forecasters, and marketing and commercialization teams to gain a competitive advantage in all phases of the pharma launch analog process.

Developed from over 25 years of global pharma consulting, our proprietary research repository contains a wealth of successful pre-launch and launch brand and operational plans that we leverage to produce rich, qualitative insight. Pennside utilizes this proprietary information to customize a benchmarking program to each client’s unique situation.

Gain the competitive advantage of the premier analog benchmark offering in the prelaunch / launch space. We deliver detailed insights into requisite resourcing and tactics for successful launches with explicit disease and category context.  Our proprietary system features a special drilldown analog series in blockbuster creation, landmark LCM cases, and pricing/reimbursement/payer strategy.

We provide strategic prelaunch and launch planning services to enhance your pharma or biotech launch strategyTypical Pharma Launch Planning Challenges Addressed by Pennside’s StrataLogs

  • Targeted adoption and forecasting
  • Launch / in-line marketing
  • LCM
  • MCO / payer strategy
  • Pricing and reimbursement 
  • Accelerating clinical development timelines – case histories from the best-in-class
  • Prelaunch marketing conditioning – typical spend & peer influence strategy/tactics
  • New Commercial Models & customer facing tactics for maximum adoption
  • Constructing & validating launch budget allocations –competitive benchmarks
  • Hidden variable of medical marketing- competitive allocations, strategy & tactics
  • Setting accurate forecast expectations – is a blockbuster readily attainable?
  • Implementing novel & effective marketing strategy & tactics at launch – case histories
  • Pricing & HECON to support payer access – best (and worst) practices
  • Orphan drug launches & in-line marketing paradigms
  • LCM optimization preceding loss-of-exclusivity
  • Redefining the basis of category competition to your advantage
  • Forecasting oversight on Licensing and Acquisition due diligence
  • Relationship marketing and the patient/caregiver pull through – best practices

Our Stratalog Pharma Launch Analog Planning Service is an Exceptional ValueAn Exceptional Value in Pharma Launch Analog Services

Pennside’s StrataLog pharma launch analog service is an exceptional value. Precisely due to the methodical archiving of pharma pre-launch, launch, and LCM cases over the past 25+ years, Pennside can propose cost effective approaches to review one or groups of analogs at reasonable price points.

Our deep primary research capability and internal archive also allow us to design custom benchmarking programs with strong value and ROI, ensuring best-in-class launch programs in synch with the Rx category and current medical / disease context.

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