Offering an Extensive Range of Consulting Services for the Pharma & Biotech Industries

Pennside offers an extensive range of pharma and biotech consulting services utilizing a worldwide team of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry experts. Services provided by our competitive intelligence consultants include pharma benchmarking, pharma business intelligence, pharma prelaunch planning, strategy workshops/war games, pipeline analysis and more.

Uniquely Postitioned to Provide Valuable Insight for Proper Planning, Quick Thinking, and Decisive Action

Competing successfully in today's pharmaceutical and biotech market requires proper planning, quick thinking, and decisive action. That's why Pennside maintains extensive in-house expertise to provide clients with actionable intelligence and strategic options to succeed in this dynamic environment.

Offering 3 consulting divisions to meet your pharmaceutical and biotechnology marketing needs: Clinical, Marketing, and Market & Payer Access divisions.3 Divisions to Meet Your Needs

Pennside has organized this expertise into three discreet divisions to effectively meet our clients' planning needs:

    • Clinical Strategies Unit
    • Marketing Strategies Unit
    • Market & Payer Access Strategies Unit

Seasoned Industry Professionals 

Our pharma and biotech consultants are seasoned industry professionals - from former sales/marketing professionals to scientific/clinical personnel - who have honed their skills at leading drug companies, CRO's and healthcare institutions. This experience base encompasses all major therapeutic pharma categories, as well as biotechnology, drug delivery and managed care/DSM.

Clients can feel confident that they are working with true pharmaceutical professionals, not simply business research generalists. To reinforce this industry specialization, Pennside maintains credentialed physicians, pharmacists and nurses on staff.

8 Pharma and Biotech Consulting Services: competitive intelligence & monitoring, pharma pipeline analysis & disease landscape, marketing reimbursement support benchmarking, launch support, licensing & acquisition, strategy workshops, and outsourced business intelligence & fixed-term contracting for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industryA Complete Range of Pharma & Biotech Consulting Services Spanning 8 Key Areas

Pennside offers a complete range of consulting services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, including:

1) Competitive Intelligence & Monitoring

    • Our pharmaceutical business intelligence services are custom designed to fit our client's specific needs. Contact us to take your pharma ci to the next level.Custom designed programs to provide detailed Competitive Analysis based on Primary source interviews
    • Programs can be ad hoc/point-in-time or annual monitoring
    • All programs customized to client’s specific needs, and most programs include a combination clinical and commercial issues 
    • To learn more, click here: Competitive intelligence & monitoring

2) Pipeline Analysis & Disease Landscape

    • Learn more about Pennside's oncology pipeline analysis and disease landscape servicesPennside provides Clinical Profile assessments of all products pursuing a specific indication based on Primary interviewing (efficacy, adverse events, indications, preliminary messaging)
    • Evaluation of clinical trials (trial design / validation, ongoing / planned trials, forecast study results, projected label)
    • Regulatory status assessment
    • Includes Medical Congress coverage
    • Learn more: Oncology pipeline analysis

3) Marketing/Sales/Reimbursement Support Benchmarking

    • Learn more about Pennside's marketing, sales, and reimbursement support benchmarking services for the pharma and biotech industry.Marketing & Sales benchmarking includes resourcing of sales forces, marketing, reimbursement support and other customer facing activities
    • Goes beyond basic organizational charts to determine breadth and depth of activities, staff background, training and incentive systems
    • Often includes feedback on effectiveness through customer interviews
    • To learn more about our commercial research deliverables, click here: Pharma Marketing, sales & reimbursement support benchmarking

4) Launch Support & Best Practices Benchmarking

    • Learn more about Pennside's pharma prelaunch planning services, launch analogs, and the competitive insight you can gain.Provides reconstruction of key activities of competitive launches for key learnings to be applied to future launches
    • Clients obtain unique insights into strategy, spend levels and critical pre-launch and launch activities that contributed to success or failure of compound
    • “Best Practices" programs help clients determine critical features for their launch plan
    • Existing library with extensive details on over 200 launches supplemented with extensive interviews to tailor the assessment to the client’s individual needs
    • Special situations including Orphan Drug marketing, life cycle extension are popular activities
    • To learn more, click here: Pharma launch analogs

5) Customer Facing & New Commercial Models

    • All pharma companies are reassessing and or realigning their customer facing activities to address the rapidly changing market landscape
    • Custom-designed programs allow customers to develop deep insights into the approaches being adopted by their peers

6) Licensing & Acquisition Support

    • Our extensive, current experience monitoring and assessing all therapeutic categories on an on-going basis allows us to provide in-depth insights and research in real-time to support licensing and acquisition decisions

7) Strategy Workshops

    • Pennside's pharma strategy workshops and pharma war game exercises and competitive strategy simulation services combine to form a truly effective business strategy.Often called ‘War games’ or ‘Competitive Simulations’, our Pharma Strategy Workshops are crucial in developing effective strategies
    • Due to Pennside’s role in the industry, we can provide unique, meaningful insights  into competitor’s strategy, which goes way beyond the normal facilitation activities

8) Outsourced Business Intelligence & Fixed-Term Contractors

    • Pennside provides clients with monitoring and support services, as well as analysis conducted by experienced industry professionals
    • Pennside also furnishes on-site 'fixed-term contractors' for clients to help them gain temporary support from one month to several years 

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