Our Medical Congress Coverage Services:
Focused, Insightful, & Timesaving

Our pharmaceutical industry congress coverage service is customized to address your specific needs, including the key intelligence topics (KITs) that matter most to your organization. 

3-Phase Medical Congress Coverage Service: Prepare, Attend, Report





Our 3-phase process begins with thorough preparation, including creating a targeted schedule of the congress presentations deemed most pertinent to your needs. We then personally attend key symposia, capture images of significant slides and posters, interview key opinion leaders, MDs, and industry contacts, and collect booth materials. We analyze all of the above to clearly identify competitive product positioning and key messaging themes. Finally, we report our findings to you in a variety of formats, highlighting the key takeaways and their implications for your programs.  

Our medical congress coverage strategy provides you with focused, insightful, and timesaving competitive intelligenceFocused, Insightful, Timesaving Intelligence

In short, you receive an incredibly focused, insightful, and timesaving service that produces the valuable competitive intelligence you need.

Our reporting enables you to formulate and execute your business strategy with greater confidence. 

Pennside attends over 600 Medical Congresses annually to provide our customers with the industry's most thorough congress coverage and analysis services

PHASE 1: Preparing for Congress

Our medical congress coverage services include a thorough review of your key interests, and creating a detailed congress schedule of events to attend and record on your behalfWe begin our preparation by reviewing your key intelligence areas of interest.  Then, from the thousands of presentations available, we identify those sessions best suited to your intelligence needs and development programs.

We then create a detailed schedule of targeted presentations, and arrange for our highly qualified personnel to attend and properly document each session.


Our medical congress information gathering service includes interviewing key opinion leaders, MDs, and industry experts for added insightPHASE 2: Attendance & Information Gathering

Our medical congress attendance efforts include covering key corporate sponsored symposia, gathering late breaking news, and gauging audience reactions to ground breaking dataIn Phase 2 we attend the sessions outlined above, and then gather key intelligence by:

      • Capturing digital images of significant presentations, slides, and posters
      • Covering key corporate-sponsored symposia, oral, plenary, late-breaking and poster sessions to gauge audience reaction to ground breaking data
      • Interviewing key opinion leaders, MDs, and industry contacts to gather additional insight
      • Collecting booth materials that reveal competitive product positioning and key messaging themes to help better understand competitor tactics


PHASE 3: Congress Analysis & Reporting

In the analysis and reporting phase we assess both high-level and detailed information to provide you with the following:

  • Our medical congress analysis and reporting includes a formal presentation, executive summary, and a detailed report on CD-ROMFormal presentation addressing your key intelligence topics identified in phase 1, plus other major findings, including evaluations of competitor commercial efforts, and digital images and analysis not available through “virtual meetings”
  • Executive summary highlighting key takeaways and their implications to your programs, including important implications of emerging data (PowerPoint format)
  • Detailed report delivered on-line or on digital media containing images of key posters, presentations, and exhibits

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Our insightful congress coverage and reporting services support your drug development efforts by providing focused, intelligent information and analysis critical to your program

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