About Pennside Partners

strategy-workshops-war-games-350Pennside Partners is a leading business development consulting firm serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device sectors worldwide.

Pennside remains a top choice by many pharma and biotech companies for our consistency in delivering high-quality, actionable business insight, and competitive intelligence.

What We Offer

Pennside’s clients gain competitive advantages, insight into major launches, and an expert worldwide team of industry professionals who bring together best-in-class tactical and strategic analysis. 

Pipeline Analysis and Disease Landscape (includes Medical Congress Coverage)

Marketing/Sales/Reimbursement Support Benchmarking

Customer Facing and New Commercial Models

Licensing and Acquisition Support

Outsourced Business Intelligence and Fixed-Term Contractors

Our Staff

To meet our executive staff, click here.

Career Opportunities

At Pennside Partners we’re always on the look out for top-notch candidates to join our team of highly qualified MDs, pharmacists, nurses, scientists, and sales and marketing experts. To learn about career opportunities at Pennside, click here.